About S4

About S4

S4's  founder, Dirk Meyer  encourage you to contact him and discuss the possible opportunities to use software build by s4 go get an advantage in market in growing your business online.

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Contact Details
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Melbourne, Vic 3133, Australia
Main Phone +61 98875056
Main Fax +61 9887 5056
Contact email Contact Dirk Meyer at S4


Key S4 Contact
Contact Name Position mobile email
Dirk Meyer General Manager +61 438 508 408 dirk.meyer@s4.com.au
Katharine Meyer Support Services +61 414 528 958 katharine.meyer@s4.com.au


Mission Statement
With our specialists operating in teams, we take our clients on a journey to discover, architect and implement quality solutions - delivering services and solutions that ensure our clients don’t just complete projects but achieve their business objectives.

S4 Consulting was founded in 2004 to ensure that business and technology systems evolved to satisfy the 24/7 demands of the Internet world. Marketed initially as S4b, 2009 sees S4 Consulting further strengthening our experience and knowledge within a range of industries including Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Government, Retail, Manufacturing and Enterprise Information Systems.

In 2006/07, having identified the growing interest in Open Source solutions, S4 partnered with Red Hat and developed a Vendor Supported Open Source implementation of S4’s reference Internet architecture.  This implementation has created a cost effective, simple to implement product set that is secure, scalable and comprehensive.  Since integrating the Open Source products, a range of solutions have been developed including;

FixScope Broker (a Trading platform for Financial Institutions, Brokers and Government); and
FixScope CRM (a multi purpose Customer/Member management system).
Our products and services are flexible and have been applied within a broad range of companies including small, medium and large organisations.  Existing S4 products are deployed across a range of industries and for diverse purposes including;

A deployment to an Energy Broker for trading a range of products in the carbon market;
A deployment for managing the wide range of relationships of a Charitable organisation with offices around Australia;
A deployment for managing the collection and allocation of University Fees across a number of geographically dispersed locations.
S4 Value
The experience of our people has enabled us to remove elements of design that create complexity in both business delivery and systems development.  S4’s focus is on significantly reducing the time, cost and risk of delivering Internet solutions.  Our clients benefit from this focus through;

Reduced cost of delivery;
Reduced time to market; and
Delivery of a solution that achieves business objectives.